Our Programs

Fish Farm

After visiting several fish farms, we decided to start our own for the children. The fish farm has proven beneficial by:  

  1. Providing food for the children 

  2. Commodified resource to generate an income  

  3. Educational center  

  4. Attraction for tourists  

Farm Land

Many of our children spend their Saturdays with our farm workers to learn how to become self-supporting. Climatic changes, such as prolonged droughts, make farming in Uganda a difficult practice.

Thanks to the generosity of the benefactors of the Ladies of Tuesday Bible Study at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Alexandria, Kentucky, an irrigation system has proven very helpful in farming. Furthermore, with the help of the Kremer Family, also in Alexandria, the donation of a used tractor has made farming more efficient.   

In addition to work and study, children need to relax and play to have a healthy body and mind. 


In the future we plan to put up recreational activities, such as corn-hole and mini-golf.