March 2019

Cissy is 11 years old and in Primary 2. She has four older sisters and 3 older brothers cared for by a single mother after being abandoned by their father. She dreams to become a teacher one day; yet, has no school uniform, bag, or shoes. 

Cissy Kabyemera 

Rebecca, who is 8 years old, and her two older brothers and two older sisters live with their grandmother. She dreams of becoming a teacher; yet, she does not have a uniform nor socks. 

Rebecca Namubiru

Timothy is in P.2 and is just 7 years old. His favorite subject is mathematics and he loves driving cars. Timothy lives with his grandmother, as his father was absent and his mother abandoned him. 

Timothy Kirabo

February 2019

Douglas is 8 years old and attends P.2. He has two brothers and three sisters. He lives with his mother and stepfather. When he's older, Douglas dreams of becoming a mechanic. Currently, he struggles to buy a bag, shoes, and a school uniform. 

Douglas Sserunkuuma

Junior is 11 years old and is in P.2. His favorite subject in school is English. He is the older brother to a sister and brother. He was abandoned by his parents and now lives with his grandmother. He has no uniform, bag, or shoes for school. 

Junior Ssekibajje

Shafique is in P.2 and is 8 years old. He has 3 older sisters and one brother. He lives with his single mother, and dreams of becoming a pilot. He has no uniform, bag, or shoes for school. 

Shafique Ntuyo

January 2019

Geoffrey is 13 years old and is in P.1. After the death of his father, his mother cares for  four children. Geoffrey wants to be a teacher; yet, he does not have a uniform and attended school later because of lack of funding for school fees.

Geoffrey Ssentamu

Joseph is 6 years old and is P.1. His favorite subject is English and he would like to be a doctor. At the moment, Joseph doesn't have shoes for school. After abandonment by his parents, Joseph now lives with his uncle

Joseph Bbossa

Jovan is 7 years old and is in P.1. He has two sisters and a brother. He lives with his grandparents, as he was abandoned by his parents. Jovan loves playing with his toy car that he made himself. 

Jovan Ssenyondo

December 2018

Gladys is just 8 years old, in primary 2. She is an orphan with 8 siblings.  She enjoys watching TV and is responsible for washing dishes. 

Gladys Edith Nanono

Benard Birimumanyi

 Bernard is 8 years old and a primary 1 student. He has one brother. His chores include being responsible for washing dishes. 

Drake Mulangira Kigula

 Drake is a 6 year old primary 1 student. He dreams to become a doctor. He lacks school supplies, including a sweater for school. 

November 2018

Kenny Ssenkungu 

Kenny is 7 years old and is in Primary 1. He and his brother are cared for by their impoverished parents. 

Mark Ssentongo

Mark is 15 years old and loves Chemistry. On his last Chemistry exam, Mark received an 86 percent. A loving brother to two sisters, Mark aspires to become a priest.

Emmanuel Kalule

Emmanuel is 20 years old and had to drop out of school to help his sick mother, who he provides for. Emmanuel provides for his family be subsistence farming and fishing. Emmanuel loves soccer.

Airu Kiguli 

Airu is a 7 years old primary 1 student. He anad his family do not have enough money to provide a school uniform and shoes for him. He has a brother and a sister.


October 2018

Noeline Namugerwa

Noeline is 16 years old and has two siblings, one of whom is Mark. Her sister, a struggling school teacher, pays for her school fees. Noeline would love to become a Catholic nun one day.

September 2018

Feddy Nakafeero

Feddy is 13 years and lives with his mom. When he was very young, his father passed away. His mother struggles to pay his school fees. Feddy is the youngest of 10 children. None of his siblings received an education. 

Davis Muyingo 

 Davis is a 7 year old primary 1 student. He has one sister and two older brothers.  He is cared for my his impoverished parents.

Joseph Kizza

Joseph, 10 years old, is a caring boy whom takes care of his grandmother. She is bedridden and needs help from Joseph to use her wheelchair. Occasionally unable to pay school fees and caring for his ailing grandmother, Joseph's education is unstable. He loves to play soccer and has a passion for Mathematics. Joseph aspires to become a doctor.

Gerald Kateregga

Gerald is 17 years olds and had to drop out of school. He lost both of his parents as results of HIV/AIDS. Gerald lived with his grandmother until she passed away. He had to leave school to live with distant relatives. 

His favorite subject was Mathematics and he wanted to be a priest. Now, he works as a fish monger to get by.